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Specialising in muscular pain and mobility issues, and trauma, PTSD and stress 

Clinical Somatics
Clinical Somatic movement for physical pain and mobility issues

As a trained clinical somatic practitioner, this service assesses your current issue and we look at your personal movement patterns. Using a hands on approach with table work,  I teach you how to sense muscles that you are able and how to detect sensory motor amnesia (SMA) which appears as muscles or areas of the body that are harder to sense. Establishing this is very important to understand where you are holding the most tension so that I can guide you through lengthening these muscles back out to their natural state, reducing tension which in turn dissolves muscular pain.

Clinical sessions are between 70-90 minutes long depending whether it is a first session or a subsequent appointment and this time is dedicated to helping you re-learn how to control your musculoskeletal system again, reducing SMA in the body and also re-learning how to return over worked muscles back to a relaxed state again, through a series of pandiculations.

Following the appointment, you are given several videos to maintain a home practise to help you gently introduce somatics in to your daily lifestyle and keep pain at bay.

Whilst you can book 1 session at a time it is recommended that a minimum of 3 sessions are attended to allow all 3 aspects of the body addressed, the front body, back body and sides.

Prices: First appointment and assessment       £85 2 hours

            Subsequent sessions.                             £70 60-70 minutes

Packages: New clients x3 sessions                   £199

                  Existing clients x3 sessions.             £185

                  New clients x5 sessions.                  £330

                  Existing clients x5 sessions.            £315

Somatic Experiencing
Somatic experiencing for stress, trauma and PTSD

Somatic experiencing is a sensing based approach to therapy whereby the nervous system is given the space to tell the story, rather than vocally re-living the event. Research shows that when we have to re-tell any event good or bad, our nervous system lives the experience as if it is happening right now, which can re-traumatise individuals when talk therapy is the only option. It must be noted that talk therapy is highly effective for those who have never been able to vocalise or talk about their trauma or stress. 

SE is a therapeutic approach aimed at healing trauma by focusing on bodily sensations and movements. It recognises that trauma is often stored in the body and works to release it through gentle techniques and encouraging the individual to regain and take control over their experiences. By helping individuals tune into their bodily experiences and sensations, it allows for the processing and resolution of traumatic events without retraumatisation. This approach respects the body’s innate wisdom and capacity for healing, offering a holistic path to recovery.

Price: £30 50 minutes * price reflects experience in this field as I am currently in training and is subject to increase as my experience and qualification continues.

Somatic Movement classes
Somatic movement classes

Somatic movement classes are a great way to experience the magic of somatics and how it can help to dissolve tension and pain. The classes are general so you will get to experience a variety of movements that release tension from all aspects of the body and help to re pattern your movement to make it less habituated and easier to move.any age and ability is welcome to classes you are encouraged to only ever move within your own range and comfort level.

£10 per class or

£34 per month 

*Please bring your own mat to in person classes 

Private Somatic Classes
Private classes for movement 

Working either in person or online, you can book your own personal class as a one off experience or a regular appointment to help build somatic movement in to your lifestyle so that you can stay supple. these classes can be tailored to you and your needs each session or they can be free flowing and explorative.

In the words of Thomas Hanna ( founder of Somatics) ageing is a myth.. with movement and regular de-stressing of the nervous system, we can maintain a higher level of health as we journey through life.

Price: £40 per class 60 minutes 

Adolescent Therapy

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