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My Approach

Synergy Somatics is committed to providing personalised and holistic somatic movement and somatic experiencing services to address physical and/ or emotional pain. April's approach is centered around offering effective solutions tailored to individual needs, aiming to enhance overall well-being and relieve discomfort. April uses clinical somatic movement for those who have muscular pain and mobility issues, which include many conditions such as back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, tension pain, headaches, jaw pain, hip pain and injury recovery and prevention.

Somatic experiencing is a sensory based therapy to help clients who are struggling with PTSD, trauma or stress. It is not a talk based therapy so we allow your nervous system to do the talking so you can unpick emotional issues by working what is showing up in your body and allow the nervous system to find safety and regulation.

My passion for somatic practices drives me to empower individuals by teaching them how to intuitively understand and address physical pain and emotional trauma. We stand out by offering a sensory-based approach to stress and trauma management, helping our clients achieve lasting relief and improved well-being.

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