• Clinical sessions

    A one to one appointment allows a full assessment of an individual to be made so that the session can be tailored to that persons needs.
    The amount of sessions will be dependant upon the individual and could range from 1 to 5, or more if there is significant trauma.
    Our aim is to free your soma so that you do not have to endure a lifetime of appointments. Once the pattern is corrected and we have achieved what the individual wants, then you are equipped with the knowledge to maintain good muscle health from home, or by attending weekly classes (see below), unless you feel the need to recalibrate every so often.


    New Client session
    £80 ( includes consultation fee) 90 minutes


    A single session for existing client 
    £65 60 minutes


    New client x3 Sessions £195
    1 x 90 minutes session
    2 x 60 minute session


    New client x5 Sessions £315
    1 x 90 minute sessions
    4 x 60 minute sessions


    For existing /returning clients


    X 3 sessions £175 (60/70 mins)


    X 5 sessions £295 (60/70 mins)


    £30 deposit required upon booking with 48 hour cancellation notice or deposit is non refundable.


    All appointments are held in Synergy Somatics, 12-14 Moor Lane, Crosby L23 2UE ( above home and Bargain) public car park is to the rear. £1.10 for 2 hours on pay and display.

    Movement Classes


    Movement classes:


    In Person


    Thursday 1pm at Love to dance studios, Moor Lane, Crosby £10 drop in or £34 per month


    I hold a class at Sunflowers Cancer charity Thursday 9.15am which you are welcome to attend and prices are set by Sunflowers.




    Monday Zoom class £10 - message to book and receive a link to join


    The classes work the body from head to toe and give you a chance to ask questions and talk to people who may have similar habit patterns.


    Its a good way to relax and loosen up to start the working week.


    Private classes can be arranged for up to 4 people, if you cannot make any timetabled classes. Please contact me for more information.



    Somatic Experiencing


    I have currently completed year of my teaining which consisted of 2 modules. In repfection of my experience, SE sessions are 30 minutes proced at £20. These fees will increase as experience and qulaifications increase.