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  • What is Somatics?

    Somatics comes fromt he Greek word Soma and in its essence measn your internal awareness. Not many of us ever stop to experience what it feels like to be us from the inside until you have pain.

    Somatic Movement is considered a form of education is it is a method or modality used to re-train or nervous system to control our musculoskeltal system properly and with control.


    Everyday patterns of movement whether its work, hobbies or even stress, detemine how we use our bodies. When this becomes a habit that we form, our nervous system slowly begins to 'forget' how to fully relax out of this patterns and tension is formed. Over time this tension builds and affects how we move and how we feel, sometimes leading to pain and discomfort, inabiliity to deal with stress or a reduced and limited range of movement.


    Somatics helps you to restore the length back in to these over contracted muscles, allowing you to re-learn how to relax and let go, alleviate stress and restore your mobility. This ultimatley helps you to also dissolve any muscular pain you are experiencing.


    * always contact a Dr or medical professional if you think you need it as wel as Somatics deals with muscular pain only.


    Somatics can help with a number of issues relating to muscular pain including but not limited to:

    - Back pain

    - hip pain or difficulty walking

    - neckache

    -Shoulder pain

    -improves breathing

    - helps prevent and repair injury

    - Whiplash

    -general aches and pains associated with tension.



    Both classes and clinical sessions are useful to address the pain you are experiencing. I have written more about clinical sessions in the tab above to provide you with more information of what to expect within an appointment, as these are tailored to your needs and movement pattern. Clinicals are good to start relieving pain and really understand what is going on for you and get you to place of comfort.


    Within a class we cover a more general range of movements that allow you to access a whole variety of exercises that address various muscle patterns and allow for ongoing maintenance and to keep pain away, meaning you incorporate Somatics as part of your lifestyle.

  • About Me

    Certified Clinical Somatic Practitioner

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    A bit about me....

    I have been studying and practising Somatics since 2014.


    I discovered somatics because I, myself was in a lot of pain. It impacted me daily and affected my concentration. I found it hard to move my neck and just reaching to answer the telephone in my previous job was excruciating.


    I was told to try Somatics after 2 years of using various different methods to relieve the pain. I found Martha of Essential Somatics and attended a weekend workshop and felt the pain just evaporate after the first day. By the end of that weekend I was like a new person. I felt so much better within myself, I could move better, I slept better and I could focus better.


    For me, it changed my life and so my own teaching journey began in 2014. It is because of my own experience that I feel so passionately about this field of work. It was my saving grace when I had almost given up any hope of finding a way to get rid of the muscular pain I was in so I know it can help so many other people too.

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