• What is a clinical session?

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    Clinical appointments are all about you, and these sessions are tailored to your needs and requirements. It allows us to assess your movement pattern and determine what is going on within your soma and body, so that we can effectively reverse any movement patterns that are causing your issue.


    We look at the 3 reflexes that we traditionally work with in Somatics, which is; Greenlight- the muscles through the back of the body creating the most tension, Red-light- the muscles through the front of the body causing the tension or Trauma.. the muscles down the sides of the body ( ribs and waist muscles) that are creating the tension.


    Within the session we determine which of these reflexes is the most strongest and present for you so that we can then begin to release and lengthen through these muscles and the pattern they work in, using a series of varying pandiculations, allowing you to release pain and I'

    improve your movement.


    What is a pandiculation???... well its quite a simple, but effective technique that gets our nervous system moving our muscles with more control and efficiency. It goes like this, we contract a muscle ( imagine squeezing your shoulders up to your ears) then we gently and voluntarily begin to release this squeeze or contraction, slowly allowing it to release ( the shoulders ease away from the ears). Then we we find the end of the movement and completely rest and relax, teaching the nervous system how to "let go" and no longer use this muscles ( shoulders are back to neutral and rested)


    This series of pandiculations helps you to re-connect with your movement and allows you to control your use of the muscles.. most essentially, relaxing them when you no longer need to use them. This exploration also gives you the space to see just how much mobility you can re-introduce in to your body.


    At the end of the session, you are given several videos for a home practise that compliment the reflex you addressed within the session.


    As we are 3d beings, it is always recommended that you do a minimum of 3 sessions, that you can address all 3 reflexes within your body and gain the most from your experience.


    Bigger packages of 5 sessions are available for anyone who has more complex issues or for those who wish to take the extra time to explore and release the shoulder, hips or focus on breathing.


    Movement classes


    Movement classes are available to anyone and everyone. They are really effective at helping you maintain your new found mobility after clinical sessions.. especially if you're not someone who finds a home practise easy. But also for anyone who wishes to try somatics or feels a clinical is not for them just yet. It is a safe space, non judgemental space to move within your limits without the pressure of thinking you have to be able to move well, or be particularly flexible. The only aim of these classes is to provide you with a toolbox of movements that help you ease your aches and pains and be able to do all the things you love to do again.


    Any age or ability is welcome.