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    Synergy Somatics


    Welcome to Synergy Somatics, my name is April and I am a qualified Clinical Somatic Educator.


    This site is designed to provide you with more information about somatics, also known as Hanna Somatics and promote the ability to free yourself of pain and alignment issues without the need for continued treatment or medication.


    The most common issues Somatics helps with are;




    Hip pain

    Stiff or sore neck

    Shoulder pain and shoulder mobility issues

    Injury prevention and rehabilitation

    Reduced mobility

    Postural issues


    Feel free to contact me direct if you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment. Just hit the 'get in touch' tab above.


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  • What is Somatics?


    A good place to start is with; what is a soma? it is the Greek word for ‘ the living body in it’s wholeness’ and I think that is a good way to sum up Somatics, in its essence it is the education of using the body synergistically.

    Somatic education teaches a person how to relieve pain through movement of the body and understanding that by one muscle group over-performing or working harder then the rest of the muscular system on a regular basis, it can create sensory motor amnesia (SMA).


    Sensory Motor Amnesia occurs when a muscle is so tight and contracted that there is limited elasticity and movement left which results in;

    The sensory neuron which feels the muscle , can no longer sense fully because;

    The motor neuron which moves the muscle can no longer move it fully

    So with little to sense and little to move, it creates an amnesiac state resulting in limited mobility and pain.


    When we repeat a pattern of movement or a reflex, such as moving a computer mouse for a large percentage of the day, or perhaps using the thumb to scroll on your phone, then this can create an habituated muscle pattern that can create SMA.


    You will notice SMA show up as back pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica, tension headaches (if the neck is strained) pain in shoulders, elbows, plantar fascilitis, pinched or trapped nerves, scoliosis, poor or restricted joint movement....the list goes on.

    Likewise, trauma to the body through an accident, injury or surgical procedure will also cause SMA.


    By using somatic movement and making it part of your daily routine, the brain can re-set, remember and begin to re-connect to these tight muscles to restore the freedom of movement that was lost and alleviate aches and pains.


  • About Me

    Certified Clinical Somatic Practitioner

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    A bit about me....

    I have been studying and practising Somatics for 7 years now.


    I discovered somatics because I, myself was in a lot of pain. It impacted me daily and affected my concentration. I found it hard to move my neck and just reaching to answer the telephone in my previous job was excruciating.


    I was told to try Somatics after 2 years of using various different methods to relieve the pain. I found Martha of Essential Somatics and attended a weekend workshop and felt the pain just evaporate after the first day. By the end of that weekend I was like a new person. I felt so much better within myself, I could move better, I slept better and I could focus better.


    For me, it changed my life and so my own teaching journey began in 2015. I t is because of my own experience that I feel so passionately about this field of work. It was my saving grace when I had almost given up any hope of finding a way to get rid of the muscular pain I was in so I know it can help so many other people too.

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